Attack of the communists against faith continues

26 years after the fall of the communist regime representatives of the Communist Party (now called "Socialist"), which was never disbanded after the regime change, without any shame and embarrassment with renewed vigor reintroduced their ongoing war against Christianity, faith, fundamental human rights and freedoms. In spitе the fact that these rights and freedoms were brutally trampled on during their regime at the cost of the blood and freedom of tens of thousands during their totalitarian regime. 

Two weeks after the introduction of draconian bill by Georgi Kadiev, imposing full state control over believers and their organizations and churches, his former colleagues from the Communist Party raised the ante. 

The Socialists communist parliamentary group of the Socialist Party left Bulgaria Mariana Boyadjieva, Vasil Antonov,  Philip Popov and Georgi Tarnovaliyski filed in the registry of the National Assembly on March 14 yet another bill amending the Law on Religious Affairs. 

Besides the limitations introduced by Georgi Kadiev's bill, and those listed in our previous post, the news web site which reported on the new bill (by BSP), summarizes some of its content as follows:


BSP MPs want that the unregistered religions have no right to: hold religious meetings; create and maintain charitable or humanitarian institutions; write, issue and disseminate religious publications; have educational establishments; collect and receive donations; liaise at home and abroad with people and communities on religious and religious issues.

In practice, the bills introduce compulsory registration of believers by the state. The communist legislators, with their initiatives for amending the Law on Religions, seek to repeal the following constitutional and fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution (CRB) and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR): 

Revocation of the right to freedom of thought (Art. 9 ECHR and Art. 37 CRB) 

Revocation of the right of forming beliefs and the non-obligation to give information about one's convictions (Art. 38 CRB, Art. 9 ECHR) 

Revocation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion (Art. 9 ECHR Art. 37 CRB) 

Revocation of freedom of speech, press and media (Art. 40 CRB) 

Revocation of the right of expression (art. 10 ECHR, Art. 39 CRB) 

Revocation of the freedom to collection and dissemination of information (Art. 41 of the CRB; Art. 10 ECHR) 

Cancellation of the freedom of assembly indoors without permission from the authorities (Art. 43 of the CRB, Art. 11 ECHR) 

Revocation of the right to freedom and confidentiality of correspondence (Art. 34 CRB; cf. Art. 8 ECHR) 

Revocation of the right to freedom of association (art. 11 ECHR Art. 44 CRB). 

Also the bills: Impose the prohibited by the Constitution obligatory state ideology - militant atheism in this case (see. Art. 11 para. 2 of CRB); violate the separation between church and state, according to which the state cannot interfere in the internal life of churches and religious communities (Art. 13 of CRB). Of course, the bills violate the basic legal principle of equality before the law and the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of religion mandated in CRB, art. 6, and ECHR Art. 14 .

The only thing the Communists did not ask  in these bills (as of yet) is to accommodate all religious believers and their families, and everyone else who allowed his mind to wander to any vague idea that God exists in concentration camps. As they used to do. 

In practice, the communists-atheists BSP, sponsors of the radical bills want to dissolve the constitutional democratic order in the country. But it is the Communist Party, not religious freedoms that must be brought under control. 

It is high time the normal free people to insist for the following: 

1. Ban the Communist Party BSP as a radical, anti-government and anti-constitutional organization that threatens basic human rights and national peace; 

2. Revoke the Denominations Act entirely as discriminatory law against people with religious beliefs; 

3. Close the the Directorate "Religions"; 

4. Churches and Religious Denominations must not to be subjected to discriminatory procedures of formation of a legal entity, but if they wish to form and entity they should be able to do so through the general terms of the law on non-profits. 

The first task is to analyze these bills and expose them as an obscurantist attempt to limit the freedom of the people and to demolish the foundations of democratic society by transitioning to a tyrannical regime of governance and control of thoughts, feelings, faith, beliefs and people's organizations. After the public is informed of the Marxist-Leninist views of the draft laws' sponsors, a relic from the time of state terrorism against the Christian faith, the legislative steps proposed in the above list from 1 to 4 should be taken. The bills of Kadiev and BSP should be hailed as dangerous to democratic society and their sponsors - branded as radical opponents of the constitutional order in the country and the fundamental human rights and freedoms inherent to democracy.